Monday, February 19, 2007

Shameless Family Pictures

I haven't posted in a week now because of two important family events -- one, I was invited to be the keynote speaker at Rachel's Mid-High School Retreat at RFIS. The retreat was held in Yaounde, but everyday I had to brave middle-school humor and pranks. Believe me, it was the toughest thing I've encountered in West Africa so far!

Second, over the weekend, the family went to Kribi for a short getaway beach trip. We needed to recharge our batteries after a busy month and half.

It only seems appropriate to throw a few family pictures out here (I've got to keep the grandparents back home happy, you know!). Today's pictures feature Chloe and Mallory.

Chloe and Mallory pose in special Valentine's Day outfits ...

Chloe is 10, and becoming interested in a career in nursing.

Mallory is 7 and not all that interested in anything that doesn't involve singing, dancing or acting.