Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breaking the Silence

Yes, it’s been almost two months since I last posted.

No, it’s not because I a) am lazy, b) am tired of blogging, or c) have mysteriously disappeared in the rainforest.

Let’s just say that the last two months have contained a number of surprises for the Magruder family.

The biggest surprise is that I am writing this post from Dallas, where we have been for the last several weeks.

To make a very long, complicated story short, we encountered some difficulties in Cameroon related to my residence permit and legal status. To avoid the potential that I might be separated from my family, the Board (thankfully!) decided to bring us back to the States for the holidays. This enabled us to enjoy time with our extended families in Dallas and Austin, as well as remember what it means to be “cold” again!

I also traveled to New York for a meeting with the Board to discuss the future. We decided together that I should return to Cameroon to try to work out the problems, but that Leah and the girls would remain in Dallas until further notice.

I am on my way back to Cameroon at this very moment, and will start blogging again on a regular basis. Please keep us all in your prayers. I’m going to miss the family greatly … but I trust that God will take care of us all.