Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Fans in Bova

I recently paid a visit to Bova I UMC, which is located on the side of Mt. Cameroon in the South West Province. While there, I was able to pass on a couple of symbolic gifts from their partner church, Brewton UMC.

Our family visited Brewton UMC and Rev. Ed Glaize while we were in Alabama this past summer. While we were fielding questions that evening, the pastor wanted to know what kind of gift we could take back to Bova with us. We suggested something related to communion, since Bova's pastor, David Njie, has recently received permission to administer the sacraments. Some church members went scrounging around in a back closet and came up with a communion set.

They also decided to send some small church fans -- some were decorated with old and new pictures of the Brewton church; others were miniature replicas of the American flag.

Small tokens of a big, new, "brew"-ing friendship!