Thursday, March 01, 2007

Growing Thick Cameroonian Skin -- Day 8

French Word of the Day: ralentir, pronounced like “volunteer”; a verb meaning to slow down, or decelerate. Lent is a good time for disciples of Jesus to slow down, meditate on some Scripture, spend time in prayer and silence.

Face of the Day: Therese Nomo, member of Cameroon Hymnal Committee, Yaounde: This is the cover of the current issue of Reformed Worship magazine, graced by the presence of Therese Nomo, singer, songwriter and worship leader. The picture was submitted to the journal by Rev. John Thornburg, who heads the group of Cameroonians who are actively selecting songs and hymns for the first Cameroon UM hymnal. Therese also happens to be the spouse of Pastor Simeon Nomo, who is currently studying at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Yaounde, and will be opening a new church soon.

Cameroon Fact: The Berlin Conference of 1884-85 divided the continent of Africa among the European colonies, who were scrambling for territories and goods. At this conference, Cameroon was handed over to … the Germans. Germany lost its control over Cameroon after the First World War, when the country was divided and handed over to France and Great Britain.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Our in-country Mission Volunteer, Ginger Cooper, who lives and works with us, also keeps a blog. Why not surf on over to today and read her stuff? She’s got some interesting information on domestic abuse in Cameroon, and a great report on the first Playday at Gateway UMC! And if you have a moment, why not drop her a line of encouragement at!