Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bleeding Red, Green and Yellow -- Day 7

French Phrase of the Day: mon œil!, pronounced mon eye-uh; means literally, “my eye,” but it is used as the equivalent for “you’re pulling my leg,” or “that’s simply not true.” Used most effectively when you pull the lower lid of one of your eyes down slightly as you say it.

Face of the Day:
Monique Bassagog, pastor of Peniel UMC, Yaounde:
Pastor Monique is another one of our newer pastors. She met her husband in Central Africa Republic, where they pastored together for awhile in a Pentecostal church. Together, they resettled in Yaounde and started a new fellowship in their home, which has since become Peniel United Methodist Church. Her husband teaches Sunday School and is the regular worship leader, along with one of their sons. At least half of the people at Peniel UMC on a given Sunday morning are below the age of 12!

Cameroon Fact: Pope John Paul II visited Cameroon twice during his tenure as pontiff. The first visit occurred in August 1985, then again in September 1995.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Today would be a good day to say more prayers for the registration of the Mission in Cameroon. Remember, the dossier is sitting on a desk at the Presidency. Please pray that someone will look at the file, pick it up, and DO SOMETHING with it!