Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Crazy Like a Bishop in Cameroon -- Day 30

French Words of the Day: fou (pronounced like “foo”); this is an interesting word in French. Its common meaning is wild or crazy; as a noun, it refers to a madman or madwoman. But in the game of chess, it is the name of the bishop’s piece. When I asked someone why the piece is called fou instead of eveque (the French word for bishop), they answered, “Well, you know about bishops …”

Face of the Day: Young person, worship leader, Bethany UMC, Sa’a: This is another young man whose name escapes me at the moment. But he’s a familiar face in the Mission: he attended last year’s youth camp in Limbe, is active in most gatherings, and is always the one leading worship in Sa’a. He’s the son of the lay leader, but is becoming a strong leader himself!

Cameroon Fact of the Day: Cameroon played a part, albeit minor, in World War I. As a German colony, the allies were interested in wresting it from German control. British, French and Belgian forces began attacking in mid-1914, gradually pushing the German army south. On February 20, 1916, the final garrison was captured, and German rule of Cameroon came to an end. A total of approximately 16,000 Cameroonians lost their lives in the struggle – 6,000 soldiers, and 10,000 civilians.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Another missionary we have befriended over the last few years is Jennifer Nazaire, director of Catholic Relief Services in Cameroon. And this is the website for their work. Visit it today and get a taste of some of the other work going on in the country. The site also features a short, easy-to-understand “virtual tour” of the Cameroon-Chad Pipeline Project, and the problems surrounding that work.