Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cameroon, a mini-Africa -- Day 31

French Words of the Day: le chemin (pronounced like “shuh-muh”); this is a word which means, generally, “way” or “road,” and can be used to give road directions, or to speak of one’s direction in life.

Face of the Day: David Njie, pastor of Bova I UMC: On the side of Mount Cameroon past Buea, sits the small home of Pastor Njie, where he welcomes a group of people for church every Sunday morning. He’s started looking for a new place to hold worship, because he has long since needed a bigger space. And the name of the village truly is “Bova I.” Because there’s a “Bova 2” just down the road!

Cameroon Fact of the Day: One of the nicknames for Cameroon is “Africa in miniature,” because the country’s geography is varied and diverse. In the far north, Cameroon touches the lower edge of the Sahara desert; further south, there are vast savannahs and grasslands. Tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches can be found in the east and south. And to the west, there are mountains (including a volcano!) and cooler climates.

Mission Challenge of the Day: A word to all of my American readers today … one of the best ways to get connected to world missions is to start learning a foreign language!! We are notoriously bad about expecting everyone else to speak English like us, rather than making the effort to speak in their language. Remember that the first gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was the ability to speak in other languages … It doesn’t have to be French, perhaps Spanish would be more useful where you live, or Italian, Portuguese, or Swahili. Wouldn’t it be a great Lenten practice to learn a new language …?