Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks Again

Excuse me for being a bit sentimental today. Usually I like to avoid the blubbery, flowery stuff. But I do wish I was sitting in an easy chair in Allen, Texas watching the Cowboys play the Buccaneers today, while munching on a turkey leg.

Instead, we’re having to settle for … a beach vacation! Well, OK, that ain’t too bad now, is it?!

We leave for Kribi in two hours, as soon as Rachel gets out of school. I am thankful for the chance to sit on the beach with the girls for the next couple of days. But here’s a few more things about Cameroon I am remembering with gratitude today:

… the view from the balcony of my office, where I spend quiet time every morning with a cup of coffee in my hand

… the echo of children singing in countless small buildings with a cross and flame crudely sketched on the outside

… the grilled fish at Down Beach, Limbe

… the soothing taste of a cold Malta – a sweet, non-alcoholic malt drink made by Guinness

… fried plantains, Kumba bread, and the various foods made out of cassava

… hearing a question in French – and understanding it!! And responding correctly!!

… and especially today, for all of the strangers whom I have never met, who actually voice our names aloud during prayer in their churches and homes and UMW groups all over America.