Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Brief Advertisement ...

I received an email last week from an "old friend" whom I met by way of CD. Jonathan Rundman is a singer-songwriter from the Midwest. I discovered his music through Paste Magazine (, and fell in love with his double-disc set, Sound Theology, which includes 52 songs, one for each liturgical week of the year.

When I still lived in the Dallas area, I used to send him emails, begging him to come tour in Texas. Now that I live in Africa, he's finally booked a gig close to my old stomping grounds. Since I can't be there, let me at least advertise his concert. It'll be Sunday, June 11th, at All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas. For more information about that show -- and about Jonathan's body of work -- check out

I'm especially excited to hear his new album that goes by the fantastic title, Protestant Rock Ethic!