Monday, December 05, 2005

Pray for the American School

Today, we experienced a tragedy at the American School of Yaounde, where our children attend classes. Fortunately for us, none of them were involved.

However, a high school junior brought a knife on campus and attacked another student during third period class, killing him almost instantly. The boy was caught by campus security before he left the premises.

This event happened in front of the entire junior class, and we have a lot of traumatized kids on our hands. School was dismissed until Wednesday morning, when there will be counselors available in home room classes for the entire school.

I will be involved in the counseling operation tomorrow and Wednesday, as well as whatever else might be needed. I pass this news on to you so that you will pray for the American School administration, staff, teachers, students, and parents over the coming weeks.

Especially pray for Frank, the 16 year old who committed the crime. He has severe psychological problems and had been out of school for the last couple of weeks, before returning this morning.

I will keep you posted as we work through the process. Thank you!

From Wes and Leah