Wednesday, February 09, 2005

1. Pray for a Pastor

Scripture for the day: Matthew 6:16-21

Today, please pray for a Cameroonian pastor. Our pastors do an incredibly difficult, but important, work, and do it on subsistence level. Their monthly pay is the equivalent of $130. Some of them receive additional funds for cell phone and transportation costs, but it's still a remarkably small amount. Our pastors do not live in parsonages, either.

Here are the names of our pastors and the churches they serve:
Sylvester Tang -- Akriba UMC
Solomon Mbwoge -- Barombi Kang UMC

David Njie -- Bova I UMC
Victor Ayuk, Henri Amibibi -- Buea, First UMC
Peter Acharock -- Defang UMC
Sampson Ashu -- Horeb UMC
Michael Elango -- Kumba UMC

Samuel Egbe -- Mamfe UMC
Gullian Arrey -- N’Chang UMC
S. T. Nkwo -- Sumbe UMC
Jean Blaise Bikoy -- Bethany UMC and Bethesda UMC

Serafin Oum -- Canaan UMC
Victor Essama -- First UMC, Douala
Bernard Mbehna -- Jericho UMC

David Sen, Rosalie Nzie -- John Wesley UMC
David Kofane -- Mount Olive UMC
Bienvenue Iloga Iloga -- Salem UMC
Simeon Nomo -- Zion UMC