Saturday, August 28, 2004

Journal-writing comes late tonight, because of trouble putting the girls to bed, Chloe especially. She is simply over-tired, but she is also most resistant to this move. I’m praying that she is the first to find and make a good, close friend at school.

I spent the day unpacking, while Leah did some grocery shopping. This evening, Bill and Grace brought us a spaghetti dinner, ate with us, then took us back upstairs, where the girls watched “Finding Nemo,” while the four adults sat down and began to talk business.

The first issue to resolve concerns “staff issues,” meaning house help. And we’ve agreed to take on the Warnock’s house helpers when they leave. This is a big relief to them – and the staff! When they go, we’ll have a total of four people working for us – a driver, Mr. Djibril; a cook/housecleaner, Ginny; and two guards – day guard Jean, and night guard, Mr. Musa. Until then, we have the use of everyone except Jean, and we’ve hired his brother, Philip, to work for us in the interim.

As I write, we’re in the middle of our fourth rain shower of the day. The rain season is officially upon us!

Leah and I are definitely in the honeymoon stage of this adventure. I asked her today what she thought – she looked at me and said, “It’s everything I hoped for. I could live here awhile!”

The next big step will be visiting the girls’ school on Monday. If we like the school, we’ll feel great about our living situation.

As for the job … well, all I can say with any certainty is that God feels I’m up for the job. With a reference like that, how can I fail?