Friday, August 27, 2004

First Day

A terrifically long day ends beneath the white mosquito netting in our bedroom. We are not frightened, but we are exhausted. It already feels like home – I knew it the minute I walked off the plane. Mostly because of the smell – a mixture of burning woodfires, sweat, humidity, and the pungent red dirt. Acacia trees everywhere weave an intricate pattern of hope and promise.

Other first impressions:

... a brief altercation at the airport – all in heated French – which broke out in the effort to get our last two duffel bags out of the claim area

... Mallory and Chloe’s “princess” room, named for the pink netting over their twin beds

... Rachel’s cool blue room, with blue mosquito net

... a meal prepared for us – a rich chicken stew, fruit salad, rolls and iced tea

... the apartment is HUGE! – a French mansion compared to the parsonages we’ve lived in

... screwing on new showerheads with “Uncle Bill” Warnock, who reminds me a little of Leah’s dad, Charles