Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quiet Streets, Anxious Moods

Yaounde is extremely quiet this morning ... maybe too quiet. No shops, schools, or offices are open. The streets are completely empty of cars, taxis, motorbikes, trucks.

The school located next door to our house is closed, though a few students showed up early this morning. They've all been sent home.

I am happy to report that when I awoke, we had electricity and water. Rumors were circulating last night that those services would be cut off at midnight. I'm taking precautions in case that happens. But everyone is still wondering about the long-term implications of President Biya's hard-line approach to the rebellion.

I am so relieved that our last VIM team of the season got on a plane Saturday night, before the troubles started. Other short-term missioners in Cameroon have not been so lucky: see this story.

I am not in any danger; I'm just sticking close to home, and waiting for a sense of normalcy to return to the streets. Thanks again for all your prayers!