Monday, September 24, 2007

Stuck in Buea with the "Four Wille Drive" Blues

I left Yaounde two days ago for a trip through Douala and the Southwest, and was supposed to be in Kumba right about now. Collins and I were cruising along fine in our Toyota Land Cruiser (also known as 'Four Wille Drive' which is painted on the side of the car) when we hit the notorious Kumba road.

Driving on the Kumba road is a little like traveling on gigantic washboard, while dodging potholes and small lakes. We heard an enormous rattling sound on the right front of the car. I feared it was a flat tire at first, but alas, it was a bit worse -- a broken bushing on a shock.

So we turned right around and came back to Buea, which was only 10 miles down the road. The car is being welded back together and I get a chance to check my email, as well as yesterday's NFL scores (way to go, Cowboys!).

We'll be spending the night in Buea, and hopefully moving on to our intended destination tomorrow. I'll blog more fully about our adventures on the road when we get back, plus I have lots of new pictures (and videos!), especially for some of our partner churches.