Monday, September 03, 2007


After being elected president of the war-torn Liberia in 1995, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was asked what her priority in office would be. At the time, there were gaping holes in the country’s infrastructure, health, education and security.

She responded, “Everything is a priority!”

That’s a little how I feel at the moment. Upon returning from itineration, and facing the Mission, I can’t pick out only one or two “priority” items, which I must face immediately. Instead, I have to find a way to jump right in and get to work.

Everything is a priority! Spending time with the pastors; following up the tedious registration process; visiting the Southwest Province; planning for nine (nine?!!!) Volunteer in Mission teams planning to arrive between December ’07 and October ’08; locating and purchasing a van (or two) for the Mission; catching up on paying rents; getting the new Mission Office in order; distributing the 2007 PK Education Scholarships; writing, translating and publishing resources for churches; putting out small fires in various locations; AND keeping my own spiritual wits about me.

My first worship service back in Cameroon was at Peniel UMC in Yaounde on Sunday morning. To be honest, it was difficult to drag myself out of bed – I’m still lagging a good six hours behind Cameroon time.

The first part of the worship service went a bit slowly for me. But when it came time to sing louanges, I woke up. Fully.

By the time Pastor Monique wrestled the drum from her younger son and took over the songleading, I was back into it, clapping and moving with the congregation. I let the colors, the voices and the sensations flow over me again.

And I remembered my first true priority … basking in the tender mercies of our God, and whispering, “Thank you!”