Monday, July 23, 2007

The Traveling (Weary) Missionary Roadshow, Part II

Yikes. Is the summer over yet?

It's been a rather hectic tour so far. We've seen lots of friends and family, eaten a lot of potlucks, and shown a lot of PowerPoint slides.

But it's not over ... if you haven't had a chance to catch up with us, then here's our August schedule:

Aug 1: Meridian UMC, TX

Aug 4: Holdenville UMC, OK

Aug 5: FUMC Durant, OK and FUMC Ada, OK

Aug 8: FUMC Carrizo Springs, TX and FUMC Laredo, TX

Aug 9: Coker UMC, San Antonio, TX

Aug 10 & 11: Tarrytown UMC, Austin, TX

Aug 12: Spring Valley UMC, Richardson, TX and Creekwood UMC, Allen, TX

Aug 14: St. Luke's UMC, Houston, TX

Aug 15: FUMC Robstown, TX

Aug 19: TBA (Dallas area)

Aug 21-24: Missionary Conference, New York

Aug 25: St. Andrew's UMC, Plano, TX

Aug 26: FUMC Denton, TX and First Baptist Church, Plano, TX