Monday, May 07, 2007

Reports from N'chang and Bova: Livestock and Other Church Activities

These reports come from two English-speaking congregations. N'chang is located in the Mamfe district, and is difficult to reach during the rainy season. Bova is located on the side of Mount Cameroon, above Buea. Both churches are struggling with the issues of how to do effective ministry in their unique context.

N’chang UMC

The N’chang congregation in Jesus name extend greetings to the Mission Director, our special guests, pastors and delegates of all the congregation here present on the occasion of the second annual meeting in Yaounde.

We sincerely thank the mission office for creating a district in Mamfe for WUMC (United Methodist Women of Cameroon) and the HIV/AIDS team which came to N’chang for sensitization. Three souls were won into the church as a result of this program.

Our church has recorded some successes in the year 2006 as opposed to 2005. This success will triple in 2007 as a result of more souls coming into the church. Five new Sunday School children need baptism. The church has realized a livestock project which is in progress. The church now takes care and will in the future use income realized from this project for church purposes.

Due to increase in the number of Christians, there is lack of seating places. We therefore wish the mission office should kindly assist us.

May God raise this mission in Cameroon.

Pastor Guillian Arrey

Bova I UMC: Church Activities for the Past Year, 2006

Last year we embarked on the following activities:

1) We did evangelism, visiting of church members, bible studies, and counseling

2) Last year, we also witnessed an increase of our Sunday school. They held drama in the church.

3) The women’s movement also visited the bereaved members.

4) The youths organized Bible studies with other youths from other churches.

5) We also pray for those who are sick and non-believers.

Signed by the Church Chairperson