Thursday, May 03, 2007

Missionary Perks

GBGM has recently begun a new campaign to recruit new people to the missionary field. I think they ought to focus on the perks ...

At last week's Annual Meeting, delegates from a village in the Southwest Province arrived bearing a gift for the Mission Superintendent and family. Actually, the gift was for Leah. Last year, Leah traveled to N'chang, during which time a baby had just been born to Pastor Arrey's wife. They decided to name the baby after Leah.

And in honor of Leah and her namesake, the church brought a ... goat to Yaounde, tied it under a tree at the Meeting, and presented it to her!

I'm pretty sure that the goat was meant as a culinary gift, but you know what happens when you get young children around an animal -- suddenly, it's a pet! Before the goat was home, it already had a name, Pierre. And you simply can't eat anything with a name.

To make matters worse, Chloe decided that the goat didn't smell very nice, and needed a bath. So the goat has also been the victim of a scrub from three girls ...

All I can say is ... what do you plan to give YOUR district superintendent and bishop as a gift this year?