Saturday, May 19, 2007


My predecessor in the Mission, Rev. Bill Warnock, gave me a piece of advice once that I recently have begun to remember. In talking about the pressures and stress of living in a developing country, he said, “When you begin to privately criticize and resent the culture you’re living in, that means it’s time for a vacation, or you need to go home for a little while.”

He’s right, and I’m at that point, I’m afraid. First of all, you have to consider that what I am about to say is colored by the fact that we have just completed an audit by GBGM, so the last week was particularly stressful.

But the truth is that, over the last few weeks, I have felt my nerves beginning to fray over fairly minor things: the electricity has been off more than it has been on, the Internet connection has been spotty, the traffic around town has been atrocious. Add to that some frustrating experiences in government offices, some difficult church conflicts, and a goat and, well …

I think it’s time to come home.

And in less than two weeks, we’ll be doing just that. Our three-month "itineration" begins at the end of the month, and we can’t wait! I guess you could say that we have "furlough-itis"!

I’m missing all sorts of things American (and Texan!) lately. Having John Thornburg around recently merely reminded me of the great friends and relationships I have back home, and how I miss being able to knock around with them and talk politics and sports.

Don’t misunderstand – we’re not ready to leave Cameroon. In fact, I am extremely excited about returning in September and getting back to work. But we need a break – and it’s coming!