Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wearing Green ... for Cameroon -- Day 22

French Phrase of the Day: embouteillage (pronounced like “em-boot-ee-ahj”); used to refer to “traffic jams,” though literally it means to block a bottle with a cork! Traffic jams are a fact of daily life in Yaounde and Douala – especially when the President is out and about!

Face of the Day: Michael Elango, pastor of Barombi Kang UMC: Pastor Elango was moved to Barombi Kang from Kumba last year, which is the Cameroon equivalent of being moved from the city to the suburbs! Pastor Elango was a Baptist preacher for many years, and had even attended seminary in Jamaica, before he became involved with the Methodist mission. His wife and son recently traveled to London, so that his son could receive special medical treatment for some mental problems. Please keep them in your prayers!

Cameroon Fact of the Day: In 1848, King William of Bimbia, Cameroon, and his chiefs officially abolished human sacrifices; eleven years later, the Duala kings followed suit.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Got any old choir robes laying around in a back room of your church? Well, they could go to good use in Cameroon. Used choir robes are a tremendous hit here. The hard part is getting them here, but it can be done… Contact me if you have some choir robes that you’d like to send, and I’ll try to find a suitcase for someone to carry them in.