Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Twelfth Day of Cameroon

French Phrase of the Day: quand on parle de loup… (forget the pronunciation today!); this is the French equivalent of the English expression, “Speak of the devil …” Literally, the whole expression goes roughly something like this: “when you speak of the wolf, you see his tail.”

Face of the Day: Anonymous: I don’t know this boy’s name, but that’s the point. He attended one of our Playdays at Gateway (read Leah’s blog entry below), one of our new ministries in Yaounde. He lives near the site of our new church, was passing by and sat down to listen. Say a prayer for him today, and for the children’s ministry.

Cameroon Fact: Though there are ten government provinces, Cameroon is actually three different regions: the Muslim-dominated North; the French-speaking, Catholic-dominated Central/South; and the English-speaking, Protestant-dominated West. Currently, the Mission is at work in the latter two regions; we have not yet ventured into the North.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Memorize this number: 00344A. That’s the Advance number that needs to go on any financial donation to the Mission in Cameroon. So, if you, your church or your Sunday School class want to make a contribution to the Mission, send a check to: The Advance, 475 Riverside Dr., Room 1400, New York, New York 10115. And make sure that number (what was it again?) is in the memo line!