Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Rameaux are Coming to Cameroon! -- Day 34

French Word of the Day: rameaux (pronounced a little like "rah-mo"); this is a word that will be heard a lot in French-speaking churches tomorrow -- the word means "branches," and tomorrow is "dimanche des Rameaux," or Palm Sunday.

Face of the Day: Sylvester Tang, pastor of UMC in Akiriba, Southwest Province: Pastor Tang lives in the first of three villages along a single dirt road, where UMC's are located. Pastor Tang was a member of the Baha'i faith before becoming a Methodist Christian!

Cameroon Fact: I ran across a fascinating article on the BBC website which details the growing influence and use of "franglais" in Cameroon. "Franglais" is a mix of English, French, and Pidgin which seems to be gaining popularity in Cameroon, especially among schoolage children. Predictably, school teachers are worried and issuing warnings, while the children carry on communicating in the easiest way they can. The article cites these as examples of "franglais":
"Tu as go au school" (Did you go to school?)
"Tu as sleep hier?" (Did you sleep well last night?)
"Tout le monde hate me, wey I no know" (Everybody hates me, I don't know why).

Mission Challenge: I ask your prayers today for the safe travels and good work of the HIV/AIDS and Malaria Prevention Team, which left for the Southwest early this morning. They will not be back to Yaounde until Easter Sunday. While they are gone, they are planning to make presentations at eight churches. The team consists of: Ginger Cooper, Collins Etchi, Bonnie Scott, Simeon Nomo, and Gisella. They would appreciate your prayers!