Monday, March 12, 2007

March Madness in Cameroon -- Day 17

French Phrase of the Day: le pécheur; means “sinner,” a commonly-used word in the Bible. Not to be confused with the word “le pêcheur,” spelled exactly the same, except with a different accent over the first “e”; that word means “fisherman”! Confused? So am I!!

Face of the Day: Peter Acharock, pastor of Defang UMC: Defang is a small village in the Southwest Province. Its most influential member is Chief Tarkang, but the pastor is Peter Acharock, who at one time had been a member of the Bah’ai faith. Last year, a storm blew through the village and knocked a hole in the Pastor’s roof just over his bedroom. Fortunately, he had just left his room, and was able to walk out unscathed.

Cameroon Fact: Joakim Noah (left), star player for last year’s NCAA basketball champs, the Florida Gators (and maybe this year’s?), is the son of Yannick Noah, a tennis star and popular recording star. Yannick, though born in France, is of Cameroonian descent! (Tomorrow, more Cameroonians participating in March Madness!)

Mission Challenge of the Day: Find a map of the country of Cameroon, print or Xerox a copy, and put it on your refrigerator door. Every time you see it, say a quick prayer for the United Methodist Church Mission!