Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fun Fons, Faces and Facts from Cameroon -- Day 26

French Words of the Day: la pitié (pronounced a little like “pity-eh”); means “pity” or “mercy,” as in “Have mercy, Lord!”

Face of the Day: Seraphin Oum, pastor of Canaan UMC, Eseka: Pastor Oum leads a congregation that meets in a German-built house in the town of Eseka, located roughly halfway between Yaounde and Douala. He’s one of the five probationary pastors who is allowed to baptize and serve communion. He’s also started a cell group in his home village.

Cameroon Fact of the Day: In modern-day Cameroon, there are still kings, chiefs … and fons! What’s a fon? A type of chieftain, mostly found in the Northwest Province. Originally, fons were paramount rulers in their area, with power to make laws and enforce them, and responsible for carrying out the necessary religious rituals. They still hold some power in their regions and on their hereditary lands, though they are officially under the authority of the national government. The residence of the Fon of Bafut, Bafut Palace, is a popular tourist spot in Cameroon; though it has recently been short-listed as one of the most endangered monument spots in the world.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Today, please pray for Pastor Rosalie Nzie who is on the road with the national officers of United Methodist Women. They are in the Southwest Province, meeting with the women of the Mamfe region. Together, they are doing training sessions, worshipping, and studying together. Pray for a successful, safe, and Spirit-filled time!