Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fishing, Cameroon Style -- Day 20

French Phrase of the Day: barrage; the word for a dam or obstruction on a river or lake. In the pictures below, see village women constructing un barrage in order to do a little inland fishing. Let me just say – this is the hard way to get a little freshwater seafood!

Faces of the Day: Village Women, Minse, Central Province: Today I’m featuring a bit of a photo essay, rather than a portrait. In the villages of Cameroon, one way to catch fish is to dam a river in various places, then empty the water until you can literally pick up the stranded fish. Some of these pictures also show that fish tend to burrow into the sides of the riverbed, forcing the women to reach deep into the mud. It’s a tough job, usually handled by women!

Cameroon Fact of the Day: There are 490 known species of freshwater fish in Cameroon. And fish is the number one source of animal protein in the diets of Cameroonians, both rural and urban.

Mission Challenge of the Day: In honor of the role that fish plays in the diet of most Cameroonians, have some for dinner tonight! If that idea doesn’t appeal to you, then read a Scriptural text which has to do with fish; let me suggest John 21:1-14.