Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet Home Cameroon -- Day 4

French Word of the Day: ciel, pronounced see-el, has a number of related meanings. It can mean “sky,” but it can also refer to “heaven” when in plural form (cieux). Thus, “le royaume des cieux” is “the kingdom of heaven.”

Face of the Day: Godseed Janvier Thewinner Nomo, son of Pastor Simeon, Yaounde: Pastor Simeon’s kid is adorable, sure. But I include him as the Face of the Day for his name alone. Seriously, they call him “Thewinner” at home. What do you expect from a father whose complete name is Simeon Rebornking Nomo?

Cameroon Fact: Polygamy is still an accepted and legal practice in Cameroon. On marriage certificates, males are asked to check either monogamy or polygamy as a preferred status. If they check polygamy, marriage to other wives is permitted.

Mission Challenge of the Day: Last fall, Leah launched the PK Education Scholarship Fund, and the Mission was able to give scholarships to ten families. But our goal is to give every pastor’s kid a scholarship this fall. One scholarship costs $100, and ensures that a child can pay for tuition, books, and uniform. It’s easy to take free public education for granted … you can do something about it by donating a scholarship or two!