Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Opening Day at Galilee UMC

The initial stop by Bishop Goodpaster and his team was to Galilee UMC, Douala, which held its very first worship service in a new location last Sunday. The space is large, airy, and beautiful for the growing congregation led by Pastor Bienvenu Iloga Iloga. The Mission has already paid three years' rent in advance, confident that it is strategically placed for solid urban ministry.

The old location had a slight ... erm, water problem. Every time it rained, the people had to walk on water to get to their seats. And I was always nervous about the power lines that connected to the fans and sound system.

Rev. Neil McDavid, Gulf Shores UMC, takes pictures of the children of Galilee UMC. Every one of our churches is full of children and young people -- no generation gap here!

Bishop Goodpaster gets into the swing of things with a music-making shaker, a kind of cross between a tambourine and a baby rattle. Shake it, Bishop!