Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How to Become a Cameroonian in 40 Days -- Day 1

My Lenten fast is to blog daily ... and I hope that your Lenten fast will be to read my blog daily and commit yourself to becoming Cameroonian! It's time to African-ize your faith!

Every day, I will post here a French Word of the Day, introduce you to a new Cameroonian Face, pass along Fun Facts, and then present a challenge to Support the Mission. By Easter morning, if you follow my instructions, you'll be a genuine Cameroonian United Methodist!

It'll be fun. Let's try it:

French Word of the Day:
église, pronounced eh-gleeze, means “church”; thus, the United Methodist Church in Cameroon is called the “Église Méthodiste Unie au Cameroun.

Face of the Day: S.T. Nkwo, pastor of Sumbe UMC: Sumbe is a tiny little village at the end of a dusty, long road in the Southwest Province. Pastor Nkwo is the coordinator of the five churches and one cell group located in the Mamfe zone. He will soon be receiving a motorbike to help him in his responsibilities.

Pastor Nkwo lives in a small compound of dirt and mud houses clustered on family property in Sumbe, along with his wife. Like most village dwellers, he farms to supplement his income. He and his wife have lost two daughters to AIDS in the last five years.

Fun Cameroon Fact: The name of the country comes from the name Portuguese settlers gave to the river they found in the 15th century, “Rio dos Camaroes,” or “River of Prawns/Shrimp.” The Spanish word “Cameroes” gradually gave way to the English “Cameroon” and the French “Cameroun.”

How to Support the Mission Today: Buy a mosquito net for a Cameroonian child! It only costs $10 to save a life. Go check out the Nothing But Nets campaign, co-sponsored by the United Methodist Church.