Sunday, December 17, 2006

Snapshots from Kumba

Getting a new pastor can be ... exciting but nerve-wracking. Last April, Kumba UMC received the dreaded news, as United Methodists know so well, that they would be receiving a new pastor. Solomon Mbwoge and Michael Elango switched places. Solomon is now the pastor in Kumba, while Michael is now in Barombi Kang (a suburb only a few kilometers south of town).
One of the first things Solomon did was find a new building for the church, and I am happy to report that it looks to be a great choice. Besides the sanctuary space, there is room for the women's sewing project, and children's Sunday School. Behind the building, there is housing for the pastor's family.

The Mission was also able to provide new plastic chairs for the worship space. And I am especially thrilled to report that the place has windows -- yes, air flow is now possible at Kumba UMC!!

Solomon Mbwoge is not only the pastor of the church, but is the acting Regional Coordinator in the Southwest Province for the Mission. That means he saves me lots of money and time in travel, by being my primary communication link in the hard-to-reach Anglophone area.