Friday, December 08, 2006

Latest Free-Agent News

American sports pages are currently buzzing with speculation about where the Barry's will end up -- that's home-run king Bonds and pitching ace Zito. Ahh, the joys of off-season baseball.

In fact, I woke up to read that Barry finally inked a one-year, $16 million contract to stay with his long-time team, the Giants. But I also received some other news this morning ...

In the spirit of all this free-agent signing news, I can issue the following press release, after receiving an email from our "agent" in New York:

Wes and Leah Magruder, United Methodist Church missionaries, have been re-signed to a three-year contract to serve in Cameroon by the GBGM Cabinet, pending a medical check-up next June. Financial terms were undisclosed.

Their current contract ends in the summer of 2007, after the Magruders complete a three-month itineration in the United States. The news that they have been reappointed to Cameroon was met with welcome relief by the family and their friends at the Mission, and ends speculation that they would end up moving back home to Dallas and taking jobs at Starbucks.