Friday, October 06, 2006

Mom and Dad, This is Cameroon

I have not been near a computer much the last week because … my parents are in town! Walter and Marie Magruder, of Allen, Texas made their first trip to Africa last weekend. They leave on Friday night, and the grandchildren are already sad!

Because of their short stay, we haven’t had the time to take them out of Yaounde. Instead, they are getting a glimpse of our ordinary, day-to-day lives.

While we entertain them, here’s some quick news of Mission happenings:

… Pastor Simeon Nomo has moved to Yaounde! Yep, you heard it right. Simeon was fortunate to receive a scholarship to attend a seminary in the city. So I have appointed Pastor Lemec Nemy (who was serving as Simeon’s associate in Obala) to assume pastoral responsibilities at Sion UMC. Simeon will be attending seminary, and helping me to start a new English-speaking congregation in the south part of Yaounde.

… Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Vacation Bible School children at First UMC, Allen, Texas, the Mission has been able to provide motorbikes to three more pastors: Lemec Nemy (Obala), Atanase Ayissi (Elig M’fomo), and S.T. Nkwo (Sumbe).

… I recently made a short two-day trip to Douala, where I held a prayer meeting with the four Douala pastors, and encouraged them to continue the practice on a weekly basis.

… Rev. John Thornburg arrives on Saturday, October 7, to begin Phase Three of the Cameroon Hymnal Project. He’ll be in town for two weeks, working with a roundtable of pastors and musicians.

… The night that Rev. Thornburg leaves, I’ll board a plane for Johannesburg, South Africa, to attend an African Editors’ Conference of Upper Room Africa.