Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is the Summer Over Yet?

This tough, but exhilarating, stretch of work is finally over. I am back home for awhile now … I think. (Even now, the phone is ringing again and pastors in the Southwest Province are begging me to come visit.)

I’ve just returned from the Douala airport, where I put 19 friends from North Texas back on a plane. This closed a frantic stretch of two months in which the following things happened: 1) we had the first meeting and interviews of the Board of Ordained Ministry in Cameroon; 2) we held our first Annual Meeting with Bishop Boni; 3) I traveled with Pastor Simeon to Texas for the Cameroon Consultation; 4) the family moved across town; 5) Pastor David and I attended the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference and toured a number of churches; 6) we hosted the Second Annual UMC Youth Camp in Limbe last week.

Can I go take a nap now?

Over the next few days, I plan to catch this blog up to date on the Mission. This has already been an incredibly fruitful and productive summer; I can’t wait to pass on all the good news. At the moment, I am still on a high from the youth camp. The team from the States did a fantastic job, and you can read about the camp on Ginger’s blog.

I made a lot of new friends on my two trips to America, and I don’t plan on disappointing you, so keep an eye on this space. I’m baaaaack!