Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mama on the Move

Just a quick note to say that Mama Leah, Ginger Cooper, and Collins Etchi left earlier this afternoon on a trip to the Southwest Province. It's Leah's and Ginger's first trip to this part of the country.

Leah has always been prevented from going because she gets carsick easily. On the pockmarked roads between Buea and Mamfe, Leah would be deathly ill as a passenger. The only way she could survive the trip would be to drive herself ... so she's driving!

Unfortunately, an hour and a half outside of Yaounde, the Mission car broke down. The good news is that it has to do with the air conditioner; nothing terribly serious. So I sent our driver in our personal car to meet them on the road. They switched vehicles, and kept right on going, while the driver brought the Mission car back home for repairs.

They made it to their first hotel stop in Douala safely, and are planning to make it to Kumba by tomorrow night. It will be a whistlestop tour, but the Anglophone churches are abuzz about her visit.

I'm sure she'll blog about the trip when she gets home .... and post some pictures! Until then, please keep the three of them in your prayers.