Sunday, March 26, 2006

Learning to Juggle

Apologies to any faithful blog readers, for you will notice that it has been over a week since I last wrote! This is not from lack of interesting news, nor of interest.

It’s simply due to the fact that I am busy learning how to juggle. The Mission currently has three very important events underway – at the same time. And I am trying to keep them all running smoothly.

First, last Thursday, we packed the Mission car with a driver and four national officers of United Methodist Women, and sent them to the Southwest to conduct a series of training events.

Then, on Saturday, we sent out the AIDS/Malaria team for Phase Two. Remember last summer, the team conducted a series of prevention seminars in villages in the Central Province. This time, the team is taking their program to our Anglophone churches and villages.

And Saturday night, I was at the airport to welcome Rev. John Thornburg and Mitzi Scott, who have arrived for Phase Two of the Cameroon Hymnal Initiative. They will assemble a small team tomorrow morning in preparation for a series of music festivals, which will begin later this week, and be held throughout the country. (By the way, Mitzi is keeping a blog about her trip here, especially for her children’s choir back home. You’re invited to check it out at:

The full stories are coming soon on all these exciting projects!