Sunday, January 08, 2006

Prayers for Week of Jan. 8

This is it ... a big week in the life of the fledgling United Methodist Mission of Cameroon! This is the week that all of our pastors are gathering together for the first time for fellowship, teaching, information, prayer and worship.

It all begins this evening in Kribi. I'm about to pack the Land Cruiser and hit the road. After dinner tonight, we kick off with a worship service, where Pastor David Sen will preach.

Tuesday, after a round of icebreakers and introductions, I'll present an opening address on the state of the Mission. I'll also address ordination issues and the status of local preachers. On Wednesday, there will be various reports from different organizations within the Mission, including UMW, youth, and the group that attended the conference in Sierra Leone. Thursday, I will be teaching a seminar on John Wesley's understanding of Christian perfection. Last but not least, we will have a closing worship service on Friday morning, during which we will have a footwashing ceremony.

Every day will also feature morning and midday prayers, games and activities on the beach, and free time for swimming and fellowship.

I'm ready ... please keep all of us in your prayers this week. And when it's over, I'll report back!