Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Prayer Requests

To begin with, my trip to Stamford, CT this weekend for the GBGM Board of Directors meeting was cancelled (more on that in my next blog entry) … Instead, I will be traveling to North Carolina to meet Bishop Boni the first week of November. This change in plans has caused a chain reaction of events that I must rearrange, move around, redo. Pray that I will get everything re-organized and settled!

And keep praying for the following:

… The Pastors’ Conference, originally scheduled for the first week of November. The new dates for this important event will likely be Nov. 22-25.

… The registration of the church continues to move forward. Pray that the Minister of Territorial Administration will sign the authorization this week!

… Plans to hold an evangelistic campaign in Monatele in December.

… Two Douala churches, Horeb UMC and Jericho UMC, need to find new places of worship.

… Wisdom and discernment for me, as I attempt to fill a pastoral vacancy in Sa’a. I will be preaching there this Sunday, and taking the whole family with me!

… Land for John Wesley UMC in Yaounde, which may be a permanent future home.

… Family issues for Pastor Bienvenue Iloga Iloga.

… Over the last few weeks, I have been praying for the following qualities in our pastors and leaders: 1) that we would become men and women of prayer, 2) that we would walk in integrity and holiness, 3) that we would live without fear.