Monday, October 24, 2005

Post-Vacation Prayers

You know how vacations go … you have a great time, forget work, and then struggle to get back into the swing of things once you return! How true this Monday morning! We had a wonderful time in Kribi, where we stayed in a great four-bedroom apartment with Gaby Schmidt and her two kids, Aurel and Joelle.

Big things are happening in the Mission this week! We will be hosting Local Unit Training of United Methodist Women in Yaounde, starting on Wednesday. Two women from each church will be traveling here and staying at the Mt. Febe monastery, for three days and nights. They will receive training on how to organize groups in their local churches. Catherine Akale will be leading the training, but will be accompanied by a special guest, Marcia Flokey, Director of the Women’s Division, General Board of Global Ministries, who is spending the week in Cameroon. Please pray for safe travels of all the participants, and an energized and enthusiastic women’s movement.

Then, on Saturday, I leave for North Carolina, where I will meet Bishop Benjamin Boni, along with members of GBGM. Afterwards, I will be traveling to Michigan, to visit my friends, Tim and Susan Tuthill, and speaking in a few churches. Please pray for my upcoming trip, that it will be productive, fruitful, and rewarding for the Cameroon Mission Initiative. And if you don’t mind, I’d love for you to pray that the World Series will go seven games, so that I can catch Game 7 from my hotel room in America on Sunday night!!

Here are some other prayer requests:

… This Saturday is also mine and Leah’s 17th wedding anniversary. We thank God for these wonderful years!

… Alexis is hard at work, translating the Bible study entitled, “The United Methodist Community.” He is also making plans for a new comic book featuring Henry the Turtle!

… The prison ministry is in desperate need of new benches and sound equipment for their worship services.

… Ebede Ndi is now working in the Mission Office three days a week, helping with translation, administration and other office needs.