Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Prayer Requests

Yes, this is supposed to be a MONDAY list. Sorry about that. But God will still listen to prayers said on Tuesdays.

… Continue to pray for the four pastors in Sierra Leone. They will be returning to Cameroon on Sunday evening. Pray that they will come back with a renewed energy and fire for ministry.

… I will be serving Communion and performing some baptisms on Sunday morning at the prison. In preparation for this big morning, I will be doing some prayer and counseling at the prison on Thursday.

… I am finishing up my second Bible study booklet, entitled “The United Methodist Community.” Pray that we will have the funds to translate and publish it.

… Our translator, Alexis, is finishing up the French version of a document entitled, “We Are United Methodist!”, a comic book version of the story of John Wesley and the Methodist movement. Pray that the printing press will do a nice job!

… For the leadership of our new overseeing bishop, Bishop Boni, of Cote d’Ivoire. I will be meeting him in October.