Monday, September 26, 2005

Building a House of Prayer

I am now turning my attention to a very important week in the life of the Cameroon Mission ... the first week of November will be the first United Methodist Church Pastors' Conference in Cameroon. I've entitled the conference, "Building a House of Prayer," because so many of my pastors have been urging the whole Mission to turn our attention to an intense and committed kind of prayer.

So in November, we plan to get together and pray! A lot! We'll also worship, fellowship, get to know each other better, and relax. I'll be able to report on my October trip to the States where I will meet our new overseeing bishop, and we'll hear a report on the trip to Sierra Leone by those four pastors who attended.

In anticipation of this red-letter event, I've asked everyone in the Mission to set aside Wednesday mornings for prayer and fasting. The Mission Office will be turned into a prayer chapel from 9 am to Noon every Wednesday. (You are invited to participate, too. Of course, 9 am Cameroon time is 4 am Eastern Standard Time!!)

Besides the Pastors' Conference, here are some other things to be praying about:

... The death of Pastor Samuel Egbe's brother, who died while at university in Nigeria.

... Healing for Chantal, the wife of a leader at Bethesda UMC, Monatele.

... Marie-Josee Nyda, a Congolese refugee and mother of three children, who came into my office today seeking financial assistance.

... Plans for an evangelistic campaign in Monatele.

... Pray that the Boston Red Sox will have a better week than the New York Yankees ...

... OK, sorry about that last one. Keep praying for the registration of the church in Cameroon. Progress has been made in the last week.

... Finally, we're looking for a miracle for the three people who are trying to get visas to the US for the big GBGM meeting in October.