Monday, August 15, 2005

While the Cat's Away....

the mice have another request to add to Wes' list.

In the process of sending Rev. Bettye back home, to meet the deportation time frame, she was forced to purchase another one-way ticket back to Dallas. The return ticket she had was not soon enough, and she had to spend $1850 on a new one. This is a lot of money for most people and especially for someone on a retirement budget.

Bettye very graciously came to help us in the mission as a volunteer. Not only did she pay her way here, she sold her car and will have to make all the normal deposits to return to her condominium. None of us could have ever guessed that she would be deported at no fault of her own. In fact, we refer to her as our "sacrificial lamb" because it was her situation that helped us realize the much larger problem of our registration paperwork being held up.

If you or your church could help us in any way, I would like to reimburse her for that ticket. This is not money that will go through the Board in New York. Just make a check out to me:

Leah Magruder
3116 Lynbrook Drive
Plano, TX 75075

And mark the memo: Bettye's ticket

My mom will make sure she gets it. Thank you for your continue support and prayers. We need them and we appreciate them.