Monday, August 15, 2005

Prayer Requests -- Week of Aug 15

I can't list this week's prayer requests without giving thanks to the answered prayers of last week. As you know, we've had a rough couple of weeks. But, thank God, some positive things happened:
... Rev. Bettye left Cameroon safely on Saturday, accompanied by a very kind policeman.
... Leah and I were allowed to reapply for two-year residence permits. This is a huge relief, since we had previously been told that we would be deported also.
... The registration paperwork has been located and given a new boost, with the possibility that it will make some forward movement in the next few weeks.

We're finally out of high-stress mode, enabling me to hit the road with John Thornburg and visit a few sites in the Southwest. I'm making this blog entry from an Internet cafe in Buea. We visited three of our churches in Douala over the weekend, have an afternoon appointment with the congregation in Bova today, and will be listening to the choirs of Kumba and Barombi Kang tomorrow. John and I will drive back to Yaounde on Wednesday, and spend the rest of the week analyzing what we have heard and experienced.

Here's how you can pray:
... Safe travels for myself and John. It's rainy in the Southwest, and I dread the road to Kumba!
... Continued forward progress on the registration of the United Methodist Church in Cameroon.
... Rachel's safe arrival back in Cameroon on Saturday.
... Arrival of Ginger Cooper on Saturday. She has landed a job at the American School of Yaounde, as school nurse, but will be involved with work at the mission as well.
... Pastor Billong returns to Cameroon on Sunday, after a successful tour of North Texas area churches.
... A vision for ministry for refugees in Cameroon. We experience quite a number of refugees from Congo, Chad, Central Africa Republic, and Niger.

And finally, some more good news for the Mission:
... The Council of Bishops has formally appointed Bishop Boni of Cote d'Ivoire to be the overseeing bishop of the Cameroon Mission. This means that we will finally be able to start making official plans for the ordination of our pastors. Pray that this process will begin soon, and be divinely inspired!