Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Prayer Requests for the Week of Aug. 29th

Thanks for the prayers for Ginger Cooper, who has slipped right into the routine at the American School of Yaounde. She also found housing at the school’s boarding house, where she is also serving as Assistant Housemother. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you continued to pray for her, though …

Here are some more prayer requests:

… Keep on praying for the progress of the Mission’s registration. I’ve been to the Ministry of Territorial Administration where I received news that the paperwork has moved on for an important signature. That’s good news, but don’t stop praying!

… Pastor Monique leads a small cell group on the other side of Yaounde. They have been meeting at her house, but as the rainy season approaches, access to her house becomes more and more difficult. They would like to find a new place of worship, but the Mission can’t afford to pay rent for a group that is not yet a church. Also, Pastor Monique has been overseeing a cell group elsewhere in Yaounde, made up of people from the Central African Republic embassy. Please pray that these groups grow and prosper.

… Catherine Akale, the other GBGM missionary to Cameroon, who celebrates a birthday tomorrow (Tuesday).

… Four pastors will be attending the West Africa Academy for Evangelization and Church Growth, sponsored by the United Methodist Church, in Sierra Leone. They leave next week, but prayers are needed to ensure that they all manage to get their passports successfully.

… Please pray that I will have wisdom this week. God will know what you mean ….