Monday, August 01, 2005

Cameroonian Whispers

One of my regular blog readers has made a wonderful suggestion. She has asked if I could incorporate a weekly list of prayer requests in my postings. It’s a great idea, so I have decided to post a list of specific requests every Monday.

You are invited to take these requests, print them out, muse on them, meditate and pray over them. You are welcome to shout them to God in desperation, or whisper them to Him in the solitude of the prayer closet.

Whatever you do, please hold them in your heart and keep them close. You can be assured that these are the things that are also on my mind and in my prayers.

Let us join together in prayer over these matters, and let our hearts be as one before God. So please pray for …

Pastor Billong, who is currently in America and headed for churches in the North Texas Conference this week.

Rachel, our oldest daughter, who is also in America.

Leah Bouas, our mission college intern, who is finishing up a week of AIDS presentations in Francophone villages, and will be returning to the States on Saturday. (A full report of her incredible work is coming soon!)

… A visa extension for Rev. Bettye.

... Rev. John Thornburg, who is currently in town listening to the music of Cameroonian Methodists.

… Full registration and authorization of the United Methodist Church Mission in Cameroon.

… Pastor David Sen’s wife, Beatrice, who is scheduled to have a Caesarean section on Tuesday. She has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.