Sunday, June 26, 2005

Other than Cholera...

Hi Everyone, I got such kind feedback on my last blog that I have decided to do it again. Thanks! I wanted to let you know some of the other work that is going on in the mission.

Yesterday, I took 9 people (3 men and 6 women) to Makak, a small town south and west of Yaounde for a week's training in our new Sunday School curriculum. This is big stuff for us. We already had a good curriculum for the childrens' Sunday School, but I wanted to add something more visual that required no disposable materials, like crayons, photocopies, glue, etc... I am , like so many, a visual learner myself and if I can see it, I can remember it. "Vien et Vois!" is a really beautiful curriculum that uses the old flannelgraph system of teaching. The ladies out in Makak that make it spend hours upon hours cutting out beautiful figurines, scenery and animals to make up all the stories of the Bible. There are nearly 200 pieces in the entire set!

BUT!, in order to purchase a set, the ladies require the church that will be using it to attend a 7-day seminar on how to use it. It always boggles my mind, when I see something that is right for me, my family or work that I am doing, I just know it. "Vien et Vois!" was that for me. I knew that this would be the Sunday School curriculum that would teach all our beautiful Cameroonian children the love of God! Please pray for our 9 in Makak as they learn to organize, verbalize and connect with the children that will learn how much God loves them through this curriculum.

Next, today, the United Methodist Women in Cameroon's National Officers Training began for 8 days. These will be the women that are integral in beginning the women's movement in the United Methodist Church in Cameroon. As in most churches around the world, Wes and I know that for the total success of the church here, we need a strong heart in the church and that heart is the women's movement. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer along with a clergy spouse's representative and pastors' representative are all meeting with our Regional Missionary, Dr. Catherine Akale. Once Catherine has trained the officers, they will in turn train the women around the country in how to set up a unit and run meetings. This is such an important area of our church. We are thankful for the opportunity to build up the women in the UMC.

If this wasn't enough for the week, we are expecting the Alabama-West Florida Conference's bishop, Larry Goodpaster, his wife, and five from his conference along with Shirley Wu from the General Board of Global Ministries to come on Friday for a week. They will take a tour of the Southwest Province, go through the Central Province and visit Bamenda and stop by and visit our friend, the king of Bafoussom! (hahaha) We do know him, but he's not really a friend. The Bishop is asking us to show him our projects, and I think we can do just that. We are so excited about his visit.

And finally, we have a young lady from Dallas (and College Station) coming to stay 6 weeks with us. Her name is Leah (good name), and she will be helping us set up our HIV/AIDS program for the UMC. We recently received a grant for $10,000 from the Women's Division to start such a program. Since Wes and I know very little about this subject or how to start such a program, we are anxiously awaiting Leah's arrival. She ought to fit right into this zoo we call the Magruder house.

So, Vonnie, PaPa, Rie and Grandad, the reason you haven't heard from us lately is...we are just a little busy. But we love you and miss you and all of you that are so supportive and pray for us regularly. We are so happy in ministry here and take care of my little girl while she is Texas! God bless! LM-the other missionary