Monday, December 13, 2004

Beginning Again

I write these words from my new home office … hopefully, it will be the site of many future blog postings. Night has fallen in Yaounde. I’ve had the small air conditioning unit on for the last ten minutes to knock off the heat.

And I’m taking a few minutes to catch up the blog on our latest happenings. On Saturday night, Bill and Grace W boarded a Swiss Air flight to Zurich and left us to the Mission. It was a hectic last week for them; there were lots of last-minute directions, advice, and tying up loose ends.

We have mixed feelings as they go. We are appreciative of their unflagging support and help. I received an intensive three-month crash course in missionary work from Bill, which I will forever be grateful for. And they were excellent surrogate grandparents for our kids.

But we also are excited to get down to work. Everything still feels new, fresh, adventurous. It’s a wonderful time to be a missionary in Cameroon.

So on Sunday morning, we arose early and got busy moving. Mind you, this is the third time we’ve moved house in less than six months! With plenty of help this time, however, we were able to get everything upstairs into the new apartment in half a day.

We have moved into the apartment formerly occupied by Bill and Grace for a couple of reasons. One, it is bigger – I have a study. Two, there’s better airflow upstairs, and we’re planning to screen in all the balconies to keep mosquitoes out and the doors open most of the time. And third, it is simply more secure to be on the second floor.

Surprisingly, now that we’re up here, we feel even more at home than before. It’s a very comfortable space. We’ve even put up a Christmas tree, and strung lights on the balcony railing and staircase!

You might even say that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … except for that bright, hot sun and temperatures in the 80s. The rainy season is over, and it’s getting warmer everyday.

I don’t say it often enough, but thanks for all of your prayers and support. Eight months ago, I was a pastor, churning out weekly sermons, teaching Sunday School, and working in a local church in north Texas. Now look at me! I’m in West Africa, believe it or not, speaking French, and trying to make disciples for Jesus Christ … Who woulda thunk it?