Thursday, September 02, 2004

Rainy Day

This was a difficult day. Not because of any crisis, or unfortunate incident. No fears or woes. Just a very long day, with very little to do. We are being forced to relax and “be” without the immediate aid of TV, radio, internet communication, and old friends. We feel very restricted here so far – Leah used the word “claustrophobic.”

Bill was out most of the day on an appointment. We spent some time with Grace, making plans for moving into their upstairs apartment after they leave. But that only took an hour or so.

The afternoon dragged, plus it poured! The evenings are pleasant, though – we help the girls with their homework, eat dinner, play games as a family until reading time, which quickly becomes sleepytime.

The work will begin soon enough. God, give us your soothing patience … Help us to be content and at rest in you … and within ourselves.