Sunday, August 15, 2004


This weekend has been a time of relaxation and rest for the brain. Instead of classes yesterday, we got to sleep in and enjoy an afternoon of games and picnicking.
Donna and Amy were in charge of games, and they put together a series of challenges, including a scavenger hunt, Bible verse scramble, a gum in the garbage relay race, and sheet volleyball.

At the closing awards ceremony, I won a yellow ribbon with the words, “I’m Learning to Share!” For some reason, you see, I have earned a reputation of being slightly … erm, competitive.

In the evening, Leah and I went with Donna and Andrew to see the Tom Cruise flick, “Collateral.” It had nothing to do with missions work. But that was kinda the point!
Today was also very relaxing. We attended church at Trinity UMC in Hackettstown, where we were given a very warm welcome. In the afternoon, we worked on our Learning Plans and met, one by one, with our trainer for a mid-week evaluation. We’ll get back to our regular schedule tomorrow.

We’re in the home stretch now. The countdown is down to 11 days until departure for Cameroon!

Good night, Rachel, Chloe, and Mallory!