Saturday, August 21, 2004

Leaving New Jersey

Training is over now. Yesterday, we had our closing worship service to put closure to this process.

It's been an intense two weeks. The best thing about it has undoubtedly been the community that was created among 17 individuals who have been called to mission. We have just expanded our extended family to include friends in Mongoloia, Cambodia, Detroit, Salt Lake City, and the Democratic Republic of Congo!

This will be the last opportunity for me to blog before I get home to Dallas. We're about to head into Manhattan for a day of relaxation. Leah and I will meet up with my brother, Wayne, for lunch and then head out on the town. We'll spend the night at Alma Mathews House in the West Village. Tomorrow morning, our Commissioning Service will be held at St. Paul and St. Andrew's UMC. When we've all bawled our eyes out and said our last goodbyes to our new friends and partners in mission, we'll head to the airport.

We're not expected in until late Sunday night, but I'm sure the first thing we'll do upon entering Paw Paw and Vonnie's house is scream and wake up all the kids!

The time is close ...