Saturday, August 07, 2004

Fellowshipping in New Jersey

We’re still getting to know each other. And today’s activities were meant to facilitate the fellowship.

This afternoon, there were two sessions in which we shared with each other the stories of our call to missions. The stories were truly remarkable and unique. M.K. told about a remarkable chain of events that led her to applying for a position in Mongolia. B.J. shared the story of how two bouts with cancer led her to God … and to giving the rest of her life in service to children. R.D. told about growing up as the adopted son of missionaries in Congo, and his eventual return as a missionary to his home country. V.T. admitted her uneasiness with the word “missionary” and how she has come to terms with her call.

By the end of the afternoon, we were all emotionally exhausted and spent. But we were also astounded at the lengths to which God had gone to pull us all into the jobs for which we are preparing.

After dinner, we enjoyed recreation, including furious rounds of volleyball, ping pong, pool, as well as Mad Gab, Catchphrase, and the longest game of Uno I’ve ever played.

Good night, Rachel, Chloe, and Mallory!